Another word for sting


bunco, bunco game, bunko, bunko game, con, con game, confidence game, confidence trick, flimflam, gyp, hustle, sting - a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

bite, insect bite, sting - a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

pang, sting - a mental pain or distress

Example:- a pang of conscience

sting, stinging - a kind of pain; something as sudden and painful as being stung

Example:- the sting of death


stick, sting - saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous

Example:- They stuck me with the dinner bill

bite, prick, sting - deliver a sting to

Example:- A bee stung my arm yesterday

sting - cause an emotional pain, as if by stinging

Example:- His remark stung her

prick, sting, twinge - cause a stinging pain

Example:- The needle pricked his skin

bite, burn, sting - cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

Example:- The sun burned his face

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Source : WordNet