Another word for awful


awful, nasty - offensive or even (of persons) malicious

Example:- in a nasty mood

amazing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing - inspiring awe or admiration or wonder

Example:- New York is an amazing city

awed, awful - inspired by a feeling of fearful wonderment or reverence

Example:- awed by the silence

awful, frightful, terrible, tremendous - extreme in degree or extent or amount or impact

Example:- in a frightful hurry

abominable, atrocious, awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, unspeakable - exceptionally bad or displeasing

Example:- atrocious taste

awful, dire, direful, dread, dreaded, dreadful, fearful, fearsome, frightening, horrendous, horrific, terrible - causing fear or dread or terror

Example:- the awful war


awful, awfully, frightfully, terribly - used as intensifiers

Example:- terribly interesting

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Source : WordNet